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Thinking Outside the Box: Course Evals & Standard Pop-Ups

Hello Canvas Community, 

I currently work in online education at my institution and we have a homegrown quality assurance (QA) rubric that we use to evaluate our online courses. I have been pondering ways to aid our faculty more in improving their courses through the use of our rubric standards and embedding this information with Canvas. While we offer faculty training, copies of the rubric, checklists, etc, etc. I want to offer them something more efficient and effective to use (or see) as they're setting up their courses. My idea is to embed our standards in the areas as "reminders" and examples of how these items are being evaluated. I truly believe this would help faculty improve courses and better understand why our standards have been developed. The only and BIG issue is, I am not a developer or coder so I don't even know where to begin. 

Has anyone done something like this in Canvas? Any thoughts or feedback about this idea? Thanks in advance for all your expert advice. Smiley Happy 


#embed content#rubric feedback

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