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Threaded Reply to Multiple Groups in a Discussion

**I saw a similar post from 2017 that seems to be related, but I'm hoping maybe there has been a helpful development since then.

I am using discussion groups to conduct virtual book clubs. The discussion is assigned as Group activity, so readers of each novel only interact with readers of the same novel. Previously, I have made a separate Group Discussion for each analysis question. This worked fine, but required the students to keep track of multiple posts' locations, and was a bit cumbersome.

This time, I was attempting to create a single Book Club Group Discussion (separated by title again), but have students reply to different instructor-posted threads within the same discussion. This way, they only had to be able to find the one discussion post and respond to the most recent thread.

I quickly realized that I had to manually copy each new desired thread post to each group individually. Is there a way to make a single reply (that students can use as a threaded response) that is visible in all groups? If not, is there any chance that something like this can be "easily" developed? 

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