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Timeout When Submitting Assignments

I have several students reporting that they get a timeout error when attempting to submit assignments after clicking the "submit" button.  Suggestions?

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Navigator II

I have had students who try to submit exactly at the available until time complain that they submitted "on time" but received an error.  As a solution I started setting a standard for my class that the due time is 11:45 and there is a grace period until 11:59 before they will be locked out.  At that point anyone clicking submit exactly at 11:59 is actually clicking 14 minutes late.  That policy has reduced this type of complaint from my students. 


Thanks, Steven, but it doesn't seem to be related to when they are turning them in.  It looks to us that it is somehow an issue of submitting assignments with Google cloud vs. Google lti.  We have elevated it a couple of notches with the Canvas folks but haven't hear back.  Any ideas?

I do not use google assignments but there is a pretty thorough guide here:

You might need to get help from canvas support directly to find out what the issue is with cloud verses LTI. 

Adventurer III

One thing to realize is how Canvas counts time. If you list the Available Until time as 10:45pm and a student tries to submit at 10:45:32pm it won't be accepted. They have to submit at 10:44:32 to be "under the wire."