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Top Instructor/Student Issues

As part of my InstructureCon 2017‌ presentation I'm going to go through some of the top issues Instructors and Students have with Canvas. The catch? They are things that CAN be fixed/avoided! So not bugs or things we would like changed in Canvas, etc. 

I've got a pretty good list going, but was wondering what are some of the top/current issues YOU have seen/noticed? Also, if you come up with something I don't have on my list and that I use in my presentation I'll not only give you a shout-out in my presentation, but I'll also award you a badge and some points (I might have a few I could share... :smileylaugh:).

Let the fun begin!!

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I totally agree with‌ -- great list and so familiar to me. It's amazing to me how much I take for granted that are like black ink on a black box to faculty.

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Just to say thanks to‌ for starting this great open-ended discussion. I am learning so much from everybody's comments!

I know, aren't they great!! I love conversations like this! 🙂

Community Member‌ - Do you have the "Use this rubric for assignment grading" box in your presentation? That's one of the sneakiest settings in Canvas. Instructors add the rubric, and go into Speedgrader and start clicking boxes, and can't understand why it's not updating the grade.

Oh Yes! I forgot that one! That causes issues all the time!

Yes, that's an important (and can be very frustrating) one. We've been using Canvas for so long that we don't see this issue too often, but it popped up at least twice last week in the Community which reminded me to add it to my list!

Thank you‌, you just answered a question that came up!!!

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Great topic! Here is my list of top things which have caught out staff and students in the last year:

Agree with publishing confusion - we have so many lecturers get caught out by thinking they have published items, but forgetting to publish the module block! Also forgetting to publish the course...

'Where is my course??' - many of ours also forget to look under 'All Courses' and think because its not on their dashboard they don't have access to a course! 

Forgetting to name groups with the relevant course, so students just end up with lots of 'group 1' with no clue what course it belongs to.

'Why am I getting so many emails?' Staff and students forget to adjust their notification settings. 

Students forget to check for the 'turned in' tick to check they have uploaded assignments correctly (and for digital receipt in Tii LTI)

Students not knowing how to access Tii LTI feedback and sometimes thinking they have no feedback 

Staff forgetting to mute (and adjust feedback release date in Tii LTI)

Students replying to discussion board emails with personal info then copied to all (thankfully they can't do this with announcements any more Smiley Happy)

Confusion for students about where to find things in some courses. Staff should be using modules, and we encourage them to hide Files and Pages from navigation to avoid confusion and 'unauthorised' issues

Knowing what content to select when copying course for a new year (checklist provided!)

We have a whole "modules" does not mean modules ( ie programme units) thing, but that is a UK issue! 

Think that's it for now! 

Wow! Great list! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Everyone has provided such great lists and many of the things that I thought of.  I wanted to second‌'s comment on the "where's my course".  We had to send out emails and announcements.  Many people got it but for others it took time.  Students can't understand why it doesn't add to their Dashboard even when there is notation that it is not published.

Also a reminder that Canvas Mobile states that auto settings on mobile devices will override set notifications within the system.  I have had several say they keep getting notifications on their devices even though they turned everything off within Canvas Notifications.

I think education on Navigation and eliminating features that are not utilized in the course.  

Selecting More Options in Settings to allow for attachments in discussions, add comments to announcements, etc...