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Community Coach

Top Instructor/Student Issues

As part of my InstructureCon 2017‌ presentation I'm going to go through some of the top issues Instructors and Students have with Canvas. The catch? They are things that CAN be fixed/avoided! So not bugs or things we would like changed in Canvas, etc. 

I've got a pretty good list going, but was wondering what are some of the top/current issues YOU have seen/noticed? Also, if you come up with something I don't have on my list and that I use in my presentation I'll not only give you a shout-out in my presentation, but I'll also award you a badge and some points (I might have a few I could share... :smileylaugh:).

Let the fun begin!!

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Teachers and Students would like to see all the Modules items and be able to easily get back to item 1 when they are on item 7 (instead of clicking Previous several time).    The Tip I've started to share is to keep your Module Open, and do a Right Click to Open the individual items => this opens the item in a new Tab, while still seeing the list of items in the Module.

Hello. Do you also have any idea or have you encountered the "logged out users" in the quiz' results? I cannot figure out how it appeared in the quiz' result., greetings do you mean in the quiz log or the actual quiz results (like Speedgrader)? If you're talking about the quiz log, then this might be that the user got kicked out of the quiz due to a time out issue. To check, I'd contact Canvas Support to see if they can help. To do this, click on the Help link and Report a Problem. 


Hi‌. It is in the quiz log. For example, please try to check an existing quiz using this click path. 

Click path: 

Course Shell > Home > Module Name > Assignment Name > 3 little dots beside edit button on the upper right > show student quiz results > list of students who completed or did not took the assignment yet

On my end, it is giving me five more "logged out users" link. The assignment is not timed and was created using test banks. 

Thank you so much for checking on this. 


NEW ONE!  We just rolled out the "updated" rich text editor toolbar and now I can't find a way to embed Studio media into Canvas.  Maybe something that didn't get turned on?  But dang, with all the shortcomings in Canvas (lousy rubric management, students not being able to view more than one assignment, etc. etc. etc) they spent their time working on a toolbar? 

Did you go to Apps and select Studio?


Thanks!  That is very helpful!  I suspect our campus did not implement something because i tried that and it did not go anywhere—our Studio vids were not listed. But what in the world is the “add media” button?  Why create  what looks like a duplicate path to Studio or an entirely different thing that does the very same thing?  Oh, Canvas!  Ah, humanity!

It was indeed the APPS (electric plug) icon I needed to use.  Actually, the issue for me was a baffling decision by Canvas to HIDE the fact that the word "Studio" in the APPS section is link.  The word isn't highlighted, doesn't change the pointer into a hand, and there's no indication that it should be clicked.  To add to the confusion, the actual link below the word "Studio" is NOT the one to click.  Thanks to all who helped me figure this out!

(1)  Create (or edit) the page/assignment/whatever where you want the video.

(2)  In the text toolbar, click the “electric plug” icon at the far right (may have to click the more icon on right to see it)

(3) In the “Select App” page that appears, click the word “Studio” (even though it doesn’t highlight or show any indication it’s a link.  Do not click the item below “Studio,” just the word itself.)

(4) You’ll then be able to choose from “My Uploads.”  Note: If you didn’t upload the video yourself into that particular course, you can click the “hamburger” menu item at top left and choose a course.