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Total Grade Calculation on All Assignment (not just Graded Assignments)

In the new grade book, how to adjust the total grade column to calculate unsubmitted and/or ungraded assignments as zero (and not have to wait until past the due date)?  AKA Calculate the total grade based on all assignments, not only on the graded assignment.

The old grade book allowed for this, as I have several assignments that are open all week and the deadline is the same but I do not want the students to think they have passed with half the assignments not completed because it is calculating only the graded assignments.  I want the total grade to calculate based on all assignment, with 0 (zero) for unsubmitted/ungraded assignments.

If there was a way to change this option on the student view as well (automatically uncheck the the "Calculate based only on graded assignments"), that would be great.

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Hello  @alex_forrester ‌, I am not sure there is 100% sure fire way to accomplish this.  Although, I must say I confused on how students thinking they are failing is better than thinking they are passing.  If I was a student and looked in your gradebook, I would have a 0% just because something was not due yet or because you have not graded it???  That would cause a LOT more issues at my institution than students thinking they were passing because something had not been graded.  But, if it works for you it works for you.

You can set default grades and then when you grade, change it from the default to the grade you are wanting to give them.  That is done by clicking the three dots next to a column in the gradebook and select "set Default Grade".

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I would also think you would want to turn on the feature that gives students a zero for anything they don't submit (this would be after the due date obviously, so this does not cover the prior to piece).  This is done by clicking the little gear in the upper right corner of the gradebook.

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Hope this helps!


Our “course” is not traditional. It is a one week “virtual interview” session that has various 12 assignments all with the same due date and they must achieve 85% or greater to pass. The session end date and due date are at the end of the week long session, so an option that only applies after the due date does not work for people to check their progress during the week. The session is somewhat self-paced and people can finish and pass well before the due date.

The old gradebook had an option for me as the instructor to select “Treat ungraded as Zero” in my view of the gradebook. Now that it is gone, this is what I see: And clearly they do not have 100% with numerous missing assignments.

And the student grade view below shows 96.72% because is only calculating based on the grades assignments (unless they pay attention to actually “uncheck” the box in the upper right corner).

I would like a way to change (uncheck) this box at the course level instead of the default checked.

I also have the same question - It is getting to the end of the semester, and I need students to be able to see their actual grade, based on all points possible in the course, not just those that are graded.  I like to have total grade show only graded items during term, so students can see their progress, but now I need to see their total grade with only 1 assignment left ungraded. 

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@alex_forrester  I have this need as well.  My professors don't want the students to freak out like @nwilson7 suggests, but merely to be able to see how the students are doing from their end without zero'ing out the GB.  There is an option in the individual student grade by unchecking the "Calculate grades based only on graded assignments, but to do this for each student paired with the fact that is only shows in the student's individual grade view.....

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