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Track whether students used desktop or mobile browser

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In Canvas LMS, is there a way to capture and report the type of device that the student/user logged in from? Can administrators track whether students logged in from their desktop browsers or mobile browsers? For example, does Canvas log the name of the browser using which the student accessed the system?

Thanks in advance.


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hello i have a question

is it possible to track student activity during an my university trying to implement bigbluebutton for surveillance now i was wondering has a lecture when webcam set as default to open also  share desktop on as default is it possible to track everything .. what browser the student open or what mode of cheating is he using . am i able to see everything the student is doing during exam with both webcam and shares screen/desktop on as default?? 

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Inspired by this question,,, and a student's question in a course I decided to try out the page view API, the result is two versions of a program to get a user's own page view information, see Page view statistics: Chip sandbox . (Of course, an administrator could make a version that gets this data for any user or users.)

Since the data includes the user's "remote ip" (i.e., the IP network address that they used to for the access) and some mobile operators have network address translators using known address ranges, so it is possible to see which accesses are coming from a mobile network. As with any other IP address, this can reveal the user's geo-location, see for example:

Triukose S., Ardon S., Mahanti A., Seth A. (2012) Geolocating IP Addresses in Cellular Data Networks. In: Taft N., Ricciato F. (eds) Passive and Active Measurement. PAM 2012. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 7192. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg doi:

When trying this, I found that all of the entries were summerized, as opposed to the individual list of pages visited.


Hi‌, it sounds interesting what you made. Could you add some screenshots of these tools to the page on Page view statistics: Chip sandbox o it is easier to see what the output would be?

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I have added a sample spreadsheet from my own accesses, but have removed some of the fields for privacy reasons. The students that have looked at this data, used the IP address and user agent information to determine if the access was from a laptop (or other type of computer) or from a smartphone.

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