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Tracking Participation, Submitting Assignments

I'm hoping to ask my question as clearly as possible, so here goes:
Music is mostly "graded" based on participation and behavior.  I'm going to focus mostly on participation this quarter.  There will be some submission via videos or Google forms.  the majority of my tasks set for the students just involve doing the online activity.  I do not have live interaction with my classes online.
Question:  How do I set my assignments so it can track participation?  I see in Course Analytics that there is a column for participation, but I don't know how to set the assignment to reflect that.
Question 2:  When students submit a Google Form, will I get that notification in Canvas? or via gmail?
Currently my home page/front page is a Virtual Classroom, with links embedded in different parts of the room.  I have set the same links up in an assignment ~ but I have ALL the links in that single assignment page.
Question 3:  In order to be successful with all of the above, do I need to separate each of the links and set them as separate assignments?
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