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Tracking a Quiz Across the University

Hey Canvas Community

Our university library has created a useful guide/quiz about academic honesty and plagiarism. Many departments have their first-year learners take the quiz as part of the instructional content of the course. Right now the quiz lives in Qualtrics, outside of Canvas. This creates many hoops for faculty who offer grades for completing the quiz. I would like to recreate this quiz as a Canvas Quiz that faculty can place in their course and connect it to the gradebook. Recreating the quiz is no biggie. But the problem comes with distributing and tracking the distribution of the quiz. That brings me to my questions:

1.) For distribution, I was thinking about placing a master quiz in the Canvas Commons for the university. This would give (fairly) easy access for placing it in various courses across the university, provide grades integration, and the ability to update quiz questions as needed. Is this the best/most efficient method of distribution, or is there an easier route I'm missing?

2.) Creating this as a Canvas Quiz is reliant on the library being able to track usage across departments. Fair enough, it's their quiz and they would like to know who/where it's being used. Is there any way to track the number of instances of a quiz across a university/semester, or any way to track Commons downloads? 

Thanks for your time.


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Community Coach

 @quinnje , the first part would work ok - downloading from Commons. Yet, that's where the easy stops. There isn't a great way to track a College wide quiz like this and no way to document which courses are using it from Commons. For something like this the best I can think of is a product like Gauge - What is Gauge?‌ - which is a Canvas product, but costs extra. The only thing I can think of is to utilize some type of Canvas back-end API stuff. Even this wouldn't be straight forward, but it's the closest I can think of.

Sorry I can't be more help.


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Thanks for the idea, Kona. My institution doesn't have Gauge, so that's off the table. But it sounds like we are seeing similar limitations in approaches. I'm talking with our Canvas team here on campus to see if we can do something from the back-end, basically search for how many times the name of the quiz is mentioned each semester throughout Canvas. 

I did notice a tiny ray of sunshine in the Canvas Release Notes from last week (March 9). It looks like Commons will start tracking downloads for Commons components. That won't help if someone copies the quiz from one semester to the next, but it's a start.