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Transferrung all the courses and students from term1 to term 2

Hello Team,

I need to transfer all the data( Subjects, users, observers and students) from term 1 to Term 2.

Can you tell me the steps, please?

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Hi @Tarekmahmoud It's going to take a two-step process. First you'll want to create a new course shell, then follow the instructions on importing content into a new course: Users never come over in an import because it is assumed that each course starts with a new group of users. However, you can export the user list from your existing course by going to the Grades tool and Actions and choosing to export the  Gradebook. This will bring the users, all assignments, and grades into an Excel csv file. Copy ONLY Login column information then go to the course and the People tool and click +People and paste the list of users into the box to add them to your new course. Let us know how it goes!


Hello Cholling,

Thank you for the information you put in the post. Do you think it is easier to extend the period of the term and make it as if it is one term starting from September to June? 

If you extend the course, your previous participants would still have access. If that doesn't bother you, then my opinion is that it would be an easier solution.