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Surveyor II

Trouble adding Teachers to Canvas - it always takes at least two times before their account works.

As the title suggests, when adding Teachers to courses on Canvas, it never seems to successfully create their account the first time. And it's only after an initial login attempt, before then deleting and remaking their account in the exact same way, that it works.

I've tried all of the following variations (all of which has been working fine for years, up until about 2-3 months ago):

  • Adding their raw email directly to the course as a teacher
  • Adding them through the admin console to send them an account creation email
  • Adding them through the admin console and manually adding a password/SIS
  • Adding them through the admin console and not adding them to courses until they try log in initially


Nothing has successfully worked, and it appears to be an ongoing Canvas glitch. The only remedy has been creating the account, wait for them to unsuccessfully try and login and receive the "invalid username/password" error, then delete their account and remake it (in exactly the same way).


Is anyone else experiencing this, or have a solution?

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