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Trouble with Powerschool/Canvas Grades: Won't Save Scaled Up Scores

I am using Canvas to host my class and within it I use a variety of external tools.  These tools allow me to assign points or auto assign points. For example, I use MyLab for math and if the assignment has 15 questions, it assigns 15 points. I prefer all of my assignments to be 20 points, regardless of how many questions are on there. The easiest way to do this is after syncing with Powerschool, I simply change the number of points in Powerschool and it asks me if I want to scale up, which I say yes. Unfortunately, the next time I sync, it erases all the work I have added into powerschool and we start over at 15 points. How can I get the scale-up to stay for all imported grades? This is making me nuts!


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The easiest way to do that is to unsync the assignment on the Canvas end once the grades are posted over. We have several teachers in our district who use this method for the same reason. In the assignments list, just toggle the sync icon for assignments you want Canvas to ignore.