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Explorer III

True anonymity when grading quizzes

Our law college requires truly anonymous grading in which the instructors cannot reveal & do not have record of the students’ ID numbers/whatever exam identifier is used.

The way that it works now is that a Teacher can reveal anonymous identities if they wish to by toggling the setting on and off.
What we need is the ability to lock Anonymous Grading on/off for an entire examination (or entire course) so that only the College Registrar – or, failing that, only ITS / Canvas support – can disable the anonymity.

Has anyone found a workaround for this problem?

Thanks so much!!

Leona Barratt

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Surveyor II

Hi Leona,

Fellow law school admin here searching for a solution as well.  Have you found anything that works for this?  We are currently using exam soft for tests but would like to move everything to Canvas if possible, but the lack of anonymous grading for Quizzes is holding us up.