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Trying to clear To Do list only gives the message "Unable to mark as complete."

My to Do list has many items listed that are over 2 weeks old and trying to clear them only prompts the message "Unable to mark as complete."

These listed items are often not assignments, they are announcements and calendar notifications so there is nothing about them that needs to be "completed." I have viewed all of these items within their respective courses, but I am still unsure of how to clear them and they continue to obscure more relevant To Do Items. None of the guide links I have found on this forum address this specific issue.

How do I get rid of these items?

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Some pages in modules are set with a check box on the page for you to use to confirm that you finished the item.  It is possible that the check-box is not linked to your to-do list.  If you can find a check-box on the activities that open fro those links, checking that box should mark the item complete.  Everything else should either automatically come off of the to-do list, or you should be able to remove it as shown here:

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