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Turnitin LTI / Missing Submissions

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I'm receiving a lot of contacts from students who report that they submitted an assignment via the Turnitin LTI but their submission no longer shows up in Canvas. I see them submitting the assignment and visiting the /submissions page, presumably to check their submission. This isn't terribly unusual during the semester-start (missing submission contacts) but it is unusual to see so many coming from one tool. Given that we're only able to look at it after the fact (because the students don't notice until later that it isn't there) I haven't been able to do much troubleshooting.

Anyone else out there seeing similar issues?

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That setup is missing several items. Take a look at Canvas and Turnitin​, which includes a screenshot with a fully configured LTI for Turnitin and an explanation of the settings. I can't say the LTI setup is causing the problem, but we can't rule it out until all of the settings in the LTI are correct.

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks - that was very helpful! We still have one weird issue. I worked with a teacher, she made an assignment, but when SHE clicks on it she gets this error message:

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 9.20.26 AM.png

Not exactly comforting to a teacher! I was able to go in as admin and launch the assignment settings with no trouble at all. Also, I am enrolled as a student in her course and i was able to upload an assignment, which did go through to Turnitin for her to see. Any idea why she got the authorization message? I couldn't find any place in the Canvas admin settings to change teacher settings for something like Turnitin.

I am excited we are getting closer!


I would look at the email address in the teacher's Canvas profile, Jennifer. Is the instructor using her official school email, or has she changed it to something else? Make sure the instructor is using her school email account.

If she is using her official email, it is probably time to make a screen cast of the problem and send it to Turnitin support.

Let me know what happens! I am curious.