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Turnitin does not seem to run for subsequent submissions

I allow students to submit papers multiple times. Sometimes, if they misread instructions or wrote haphazardly, i'd ask them to redo and resubmit. Turnitin is activated. It seems though that only the first submission runs through turnitin 😞 

what i see is the following when i toggle between submissions

  • First submission - will have that green or blue tab that will show turnitin results.
  • second or third - none.

So... it means that the subsequent submissions did not run through correct?


  • how do i run turnitin for the 2nd or 3rd submissions?
  • or is there a workaround yet for instructors to run something through turnitin?
    • no, my university no longer has access to the webportal
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @carmeleasee ...

I am assuming that you have Turnitin integrated into your school's Canvas environment.  Within the Turnitin interface, do you have your assignment configured to accept re-submissions?  If you are using the LTI integration, the option to accept re-submissions is under the "Similarity Report" shown here:


I'll also tag @dhulsey in my reply in case he has any other feedback to offer.  Dallas knows quite a bit more about Turnitin than I do, so he may have some additional insights for you.

Take well. 

Thank you! on my end,  i don't have the drop down. screenshot contains everything i can do as a faculty. instead of dropdowns, i only have tick boxes.

tried to check app settings as well and i'm not allowed to change anything heeheehee. 

i'll bump up the concern to our canvas administrator. 

many many thanks for the prompt response! 💚


Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 11.17.00 AM.png

Hello @carmeleasee ...

Thanks for sharing that screenshot.  It looks like you are using the other Turnitin interface within Canvas.  The interface we have utilizes the LTI app, so I do not have similar screens compared to what you shared.  I hope that you'll be able to get things figured out on your end.

Surveyor II

We have also noticed this behaviour although for the past 24 hours or so, the inability to generate a similarity report is also happening for first time submissions.

Did you hear anything back from Canvas or Turnitin as to what may be causing this issue?