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Turnitin link within canvas is not working

Hello, I have tried uploading an assignment via a turnitin link through canvas but there is no submit assignment button. An "upload essay" option has also been grayed out. I have attached a picture of the problem. This is very time sensitive as the assignment is due by midnight pacific time.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there,

Sorry that your question has been sitting out here for more than a month without a response.  Were you able to get this issue resolved with Turnitin?  Were you able to submit your assignment via Turnitin to your instructor?  Or, did you have to submit your assignment another way to your instructor?  I'll tag‌ in my response in case he has any thoughts on why you were seeing that option grayed out.  But, hopefully you've been able to get this issue resolved since then.  Take well...stay safe.