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Surveyor II

Turnitin results not posting to Gradebook

We have had multiple instances of Turnitin not pushing 0% matches to Canvas Gradebook on Plagiarism Framework assignments. Resubmitting the papers to Canvas does not fix the issue.  This began in September, and while Turnitin has been able to fix it on specific assignments, the problem keeps reoccurring without any explanation from the company. Is anyone else seeing this in Canvas?  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good afternoon, @gcwilson ...

I've not heard of any issues like this myself, but I would like to bring @dhulsey into this conversation to see if he might be able to shed any light on things for you.  Good luck to you!  Stay safe, and be well.

Learner II

@chofer and @gcwilson ,  My school has the framework version enabled, but I favor the LTI version and use it exclusively. I can report that I have not seen this issue on the LTI version though. I would be curious if you could nail it down to a specific browser or even a version of the browser? In these instances, how are the grades being entered (what browser, iPad app, etc). Perhaps narrowing down the source of the issue would help TII tech support? 

Sorry! That us all I can think of!

This isn't about grades, it's about the originality reports not posting from Turnitin into the Canvas Gradebook and the Resubmit button not working. As far as I can tell, this has all been accessed through a web browser. I've reported it repeatedly to Tii and supplied them with the information they have requested.


We are having a similar issue in that Turnitin scores are not appearing in Speedgrader on the assignment until a grade is added to the assignment. If we add a 0 to the gradebook column for a student then the similarity score magically appears. Any ideas? Or am I missing someting simple?