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I'd like to set up turnitin for my fall classes since my students will all be submitting multiple essays through Canvas and I need to be able to check quickly for evidence of plagiarism. How do I implement the tool and use it when checking essays this fall?

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Lamplighter II

Hello .  This would be a great question for your Canvas Admin.  I say this because each system has their own requirements about what can and cannot be linked into Canvas.  

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Hi @Jeff Kramer,

First of all, you have to check whether your school is licensed to use Turnitin. If yes, then you can easily integrate this plagiarism software into Canvas. You may either get in touch with your Canvas Admin (as it was stated by Jennifer) or find the guideline on the Internet on how to integrate Turnitin into Canvas. I am sure there are a lot of videos and detailed articles on how to do that. 

You may also review this blog Canvas and Turnitin

While creating an assignment in Canvas, you have to choose an appropriate plagiarism checker in ‘Plagiarism Review' pop-up:

351316_unicheck plagiarism checking tool.png

I have provided an example of Unicheck, however, the procedure is the same for all third-party plagiarism checkers.

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Hi Alisa,

     I have the same question Jeff has above. Thanks for your helpful reply, but when I go to edit the essay assignment I've created for my students, I do not see the "Plagiarism Review" option under the "Submission Type" box/menu. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

My best,

Jay Jackl

DVC English

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Hi Jay,

If you do not see such an option and the drop-down list, please contact your LMS administrator. In this case, the administrator should verify whether everything has been installed properly.

Hope this helps)

Kind regards,