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Tweeting Announcements

Is there a way to push my announcements to my Twitter (and other social media) feed?  This is a Schoology function that we were hoping we could do with Canvas.

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Hey​, I haven't tried this but I think you could do it with a combination of getting an RSS feed of a Twitter account and adding that to Canvas to post announcements. This is kind of the reverse of what you had asked for but it may accomplish what you're after.

Here's a site that talks about generating an RSS feed of a Twitter account:

How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter - Video Tutorial

And here is the guide on adding an RSS feed to Canvas announcements:

How do I add an external RSS feed to an Announcement?

I mentioned that to the teacher but I think we're really looking for is whenever an announcement is built that there's an option to tweet it. Guessing that doesn't exist?

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Community Team

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Twitter is also an LTI app that you can add to the course. You can add the Twitter widget to an announcement page or any page for that matter. Use the link that awilliams​ posted for instructions on creating the widget in your Twitter account.

Edu App Center - Twitter page

What are LTI Tools (External Apps)?

It will look like the screen shot below.


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it is worth noting that Canvas can push notifications for announcements, conversation messages, grades, and a whole bunch of other stuff to Twitter for students and instructors who choose to receive notifications via twitter instead of email or text message:

How do Notification Preferences work?

How do I set my Notification Preferences?

How do I connect to Twitter as a web service in Canvas? 

Perhaps that accomplishes the instructor's goal?