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Two students with identical name - How to assign groups?

I have two students with the same name (first and last). They have different identities, but when forming groups, none of this is visible.

Is there any way to differentiate the two students when assigning groups?

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I found a *very* awkward workaround:

  • Assign a phony grade to Group X 
  • Very quickly hide that grade so that no one panics*
  • See if the correct student got the correct grade in the gradebook
  • Adjust groups accordingly
  • Repeat

*I wish you could hide grades before you start entering them...

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately I don't have a better workaround than the one you have already proposed. There is an open feature idea that is of relevance you may want to jump into and vote on which is There is an additional idea also that may be equally beneficial for you in this circumstance also" modifiedtitle="tru....

I hope that helps!