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Ungraded (Practice) Quizzes Now All Muted

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Tomorrow my students take their final exam. Today, every single quiz (which is ungraded), told the students that 

"Your quiz has been muted

Your quiz score is unavailable because your instructor has not finished grading it. When your instructor finishes grading this quiz, your score will be available on this page."

Needless to say, everyone is freaking out. Our campus Canvas support said that they will try contacting Canvas about it. The students quizzes are all ungraded and marked to show they their score and their answer once they've taken it.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @sgilbert ‌, I notice that you posted your question a few weeks ago. I'm just checking in to see how you are going with this issue.

It seems that there was quite a lot of support offered. If one of the replies answered your question then feel free to mark it as correct. 

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assignment show "mute" when instructor is working on it.


I'm having this problem still. Students message me often saying, "Ms. Hunter, it says the quiz is muted." Today it is on a quiz that is all multiple choice, so there it should be graded as soon as they submit it.


I am having the same problem. I created vocabulary reviews using matching questions in "classic" quizzes. I had made them in "new" quizzes, but apparently "new" quizzes doesn't give partial credit for matching questions (how dumb is that?).

Now my students are getting the quiz is muted message.


Go to the gradebook and change the grade posting policy for a particular quiz to automatic. If manual posting is selected then students get the "quiz is muted"  message. 

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