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Surveyor II

Ungraded Survey showing a green checkmark indicating a correct answer .

Good morning! 

I have set up ungraded surveys to be used as ballots in our faculty elections.  The surveys are also set up as anonymous for voting purposes.  On a few ballots, there was a point value of either 1 (one) or 0 (zero). In the survey statistics, the candidate with the fewer number of votes is indicated as the correct answer (when a correct answer was not selected). 

If anyone has insight for this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Nancy Webb

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Hi, nancy.webb. I believe there is a survey setting to prevent a correct answer from appearing after someone completes a survey. Can you share the survey settings in a screenshot so we can compare them with what is described in How do I create a survey in my course? 

Hi Adam,

I checked the settings, and the option to show correct answers is available for Graded Survey, but my survey is Ungraded.


Nancy W.

Hi Nancy. I just created an ungraded survey and that option is still there. I'm not positive this is the solution but it is my best guess at the moment.