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Unlock quiz in Moderate Quiz

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On a single submission quiz, when I go to moderate quiz and give this student an extra attempt, she still can't re-open the quiz.  There is no time or date restriction, just the number of attempts changes.  Do I have to manually unlock the quiz if there are no date restrictions?  Canvas Guide says no, and the student isn't here for me to play.


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 @john_bowen ​, I can definitely understand your frustration! I almost never use the Canvas app and instead log into Canvas via my phone's web browser and it works really well. It's a little small compared to how it looks on the app, but the improved functionality makes it worth it!

Community Coach
Community Coach

I have confirmed that this is an iPhone issue. The problem is both with the app and a server side issue. A fix is in progress.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Thanks  @rseilham !

That’s progress. Thank you.

We are experiencing the same issue as all our users access canvas via the IPAD app. What is the latest on the fix?@