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Unlock quiz in New Quizzes


The "classic" Quiz tool had an option to moderate a student quiz by unlocking the quiz for the next attempt. 

The classic instructions read:

"If your quiz is locked because of accessibility dates, you will need to unlock the quiz for the student by clicking the manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt checkbox [2]."


This worked even when a student hadn't taken the quiz AND when the assignment had closed.  This was very useful for students who had been granted extensions.  I could go in and just open the quiz for a small number of them (I have 240 students).  

However, I can't find that functionality in New Quizzes, which is very frustrating.  I see that there is a "Reopen" button when I go into Moderate but it only appears if a student has at least one attempt.  I can find no way to unlock a quiz for a student who was granted an extension and so will, a) be taking the quiz after it is closed; and b) has not had any previous attempts.

This was a very useful feature so that I don't have to open the entire quiz up (to students who did not have extensions).  

Does anyone have a fix?  Can the Canvas folks add that feature?

Thank you!

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Surveyor II

I am also very frustrated by the elimination of the manually unlock a quiz for a student option in New Quizzes.  Why on earth was this essential option removed?

New Quizzes is problematic in other ways.  For example, there is no way to edit the quiz questions in the normal EDIT mode (via the Assignment tab in the side menu). The only way to get to the edit mode now  is to click on the quiz name at the top of the grade book column for that quiz.  Why was that silly change made?

One would think that a feature named "New" Quizzes would be an improvement from the Old Quizzes model...but so not in this case.  As a long time Canvas user, it seems New Quizzes was designed by programmers, not users.

Surveyor II

The only workaround I have discovered is to go into the EDIT mode for the desired quiz, and then click the +ADD gray box at the very bottom; in the pop up window that appears, enter the student's name and the due date, etc. for this quiz attempt.  After you click Save, that Quiz will have a notation that says Multiple Dates, for the Available and Due dates, both of which are clickable links. 

Although this "New Quizzes" feature does have the advantage of specifying those dates, the process to open a quiz for a single student now requires several additional steps.  That's not progress.  Why not simply add the option to specify the Available and Due dates in the old Moderate Quiz window?  Again, it appears these decisions are made by programmers, not users.


Hi, many issues with new quizzes. When a student has started a quiz, you cannot give extra time anymore. Suppose the student has computer issues near the end of the exam, then you cannot give them extra time. New quizzes was never really tested with actual schools, I guess. (like most of Canvas...)