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Unpublish a previously published assignment with a submission?

I have an assignment that I have had published from the beginning of the semester that is no longer relevant to the coursework. It's due date was always in April but I have one go-getter in the class who went ahead and submitted it early; now I can't "Unpublish" it.  Any advice or ideas?  I don't even want students to be able to view it, so if I close it, it won't help, or I can make it zero points, but I still don't want students completing it. (I tried to download the student's submission to see if I could then delete the submission, but that won't work either. If I contacted the student, could he delete his work? I'll give him some credit for it, I just want the assignment to go away so it doesn't confuse the rest of the class.)

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Howdy  @kontrse ‌,

Hope all is well. Thank you for your question.

That has happened to us, too. There is no deleting the submission nor deleting the assignment (once it has a submission).

What we usually do is immediately change the "until date" to right now so that the assignment closes and no other students can submit to it again. Then, just so the students don't get confused- we'll change the name to "IGNORE-blahblahblah" with the blahblahblah being whatever the initial assignment name was. Edit the assignment so it doesn't count towards the final grade; or set it to 0 points. Then, let the students know to ignore it. 

It's not a beautiful solution, but it is one solution.

Hope that helps,

Sky V. King