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Unsubmitted assignments showing as 0 in gradebook

I have an instructor who has two sections of the same course, section 23 and section 26.  Section 26 was created by copying section 23 when it was finished and ready to be published.  Both sections are exactly the same.  In section 23, unsubmitted assignments are showing up as a zero in the grade book. In section 26, unsubmitted assignments are showing up a a dash, or blank, in the grade book.  All of the grade book settings are identical, status, grade posting policies, etc.  The assignments are the same, each has a From and Until date along with a due date - these dates are both the same.  I cannot figure out why one is showing as a zero and the other as a blank.

Thank you. 

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Hell0 @talway !  I'm assuming you've read this, based on the detail in your question, but I'll share it anyway.


Explorer III

Thank you.  I did read that but assumed it not to be applicable because the assignment due date has not yet passed.  Both sections are setup the same with the feature to automatically apply grades for late submissions enabled. However, just to confirm I did test it by disabling it.  It did not change anything.