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Updating Global Navigation Buttons

I am hoping I can do a fairly "quick and dirty" fix for the attached screenshot.  At one time we had a picture in the Global Navigation button, but something (maybe an update/upgrade?) changed and now the pic does not appear.

How can this be updated?  Thank you, in advance.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @millar , greetings! Were you ever able to get this issue figured out? I went ahead and shared this with the Canvas Developers‌ group to see if they can help. In addition, if you are still having problems, I'd recommend contacting Canvas Support to see if they can help. 


Hello, Kona, Thank you for replying and forwarding. I have not figured it

out, yet. Your help is appreciated much!

Thanks, Dave

On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 8:25 PM <>



We don't customize our own global navigation, but others have written about how they do it. You might find some useful information starting here: Update Global Navigation HTML tags?  That post has a list of links to other resources in the Community and while I can search for some, I'm coming up with same list.

None of those mention a recent change, so others may have either fixed it or your "at one time" was a while ago. There were some lower-quality implementations out there at one time, so it's possible that you found a less-resilient way to implement it and that's why yours has disappeared but no one else has said anything.

Thank you, James.

We've already added the button and it functions fine, but something a while

back made the picture inside of the button disappear.

I'll go through the docs forwarded.


 @millar ,

One thing to check before you wade through all the material is to open up the developer tools inside the browser (normally by pressing F12) and then inspect the underlying code using the Elements. See how yours differs from the native Canvas ones. The images are contained as SVG now.

If you had been linking to an image instead embedding it through SVG, then look at the Network tab and/or the Console tab and see if the loading of the image is getting blocked or if there's an error occurring that is keeping your system from executing the loading of the image.