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Updating dashboard pic

I am unable to update the Right Sidebar Logo under Themes->Watermark & Other images.  I am able to upload the new pic but once I go back to the dashboard I still see the old image.  I have attached a screenshot.  This is under our sub-account.  What I suspect is that this image is only pulled from the main account.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @fra2007 ​, since the UI themes are managed primarily by Canvas admins, I've shared your question with the Canvas Admins group, as well as the User Group: New UI​ group.

Thank you Stephanie!

Community Team
Community Team

 @fra2007 ​, I'm sorry to see that this question has been sitting out here for awhile with no responses. Were you able to get this resolved? Also, I wanted to make sure that in your root account settings, you have the Let sub-accounts use the Theme Editor to customize their own branding checkbox enabled, as described in How do I manage the options in the Account Settings tab?

Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for that information.  I will pass it along to our admins and see if that resolves the problem.

Fraz Ali

Explorer III

Is it possible to make the Right Sidebar Logo a clickable link?