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Uploaded images no longer function in Safari

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Uploading and embedding images in Canvas during last academic term worked fine...

[Addendum: Following suggestion from browser guide, I tried using in a Safari "private window." That workaround revealed the images. I've cleared cache and history, and the problem in a normal window remains.]

Now, the images I had uploaded into the course images folder no longer appear--in the desktop Safari environment (ver. 13.1). They are working on the Canvas iPhone app and in desktop Firefox (ver. 74) browser. This is true for courses successfully run last term AND courses I'm creating for the term that starts next week.

I have cleared desktop Safari's history and cache. Here's what I'm seeing"

• Course home page banner:

coure home page image

• Embed images window showing the icon. Note the images that came in with the template import are fine. They also embed just fine if I choose to use those instead. It's just the images I uploaded into the Canvas course that are unavailable--though they USED to be.

embed images window

• And here's what it looks like when I go to the Files course images folder. The two images with blank thumbnails are images I uploaded. Again, this is true for course I created last quarter AND for this coming quarter.

course images folder

Any guidance on this will be helpful as I create content and assessment for music that are image intensive!

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Yes, it appears to have broken again. This ongoing issue indicates that Instructure may not be keeping up with browsers and OS's. This is concerning. A few months ago, Support was unable to troubleshoot a Canvas Studio issue that I was having on the current version of MacOS (which had been released eight months prior).



I'm experiencing what you're describing.  Perfect explanation.

I'm hoping a fix gets implemented soon.

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I am having this issue (with latest version of Mac OS and Safari) and unchecking "Prevent cross-site tracking" doesn't fix it, even with cache and history cleared, and browser closed and opened again. Please fix this soon, as the Student Tour repeated pop-up problem on Firefox prevents me from using that browser.


We are seeing the same issue (Mac, Safari, images not showing even with cross-site tracking and cleared data), but ONLY for images that were uploaded before a specific date. I haven't narrowed down the date so far, but it is sometime in late summer/early fall 2018. Images uploaded before that don't display, and ones uploaded after do. The only fix is to download or otherwise find the images and re-upload and re-insert them. For our more image-intensive courses, this just isn't feasible.



Thanks for the info Suzanne.
I'm a student not a teacher so presumably they uploaded those particular images before the 'cut off' date. It also means I can't re-upload and re-insert, but I can make do with downloading.

Things I'm seeing in Canvas as of 8/16/2020...

BrowserOperating SystemResults
Safari (v13.1.2)macOS 10.15.6Safari will drop images (e.g., pages, profile photos, quizzes, etc.) but not consistently, it makes no difference if "Prevent cross-site tracking" is off; text showing in browser window will sometimes be missing in print copy (PDF or otherwise). Sign out, Clear Cache, Quit, Relaunch, Sign-in doesn't help.

Edge (Chromium) Version 84.0.522.59

macOS 10.15.6Images will show but are slow to load; print copy is does not show backgrounds/shading (e.g., tables, headings, etc.). Sign out, Clear Cache, Quit, Relaunch, Sign-in doesn't help.

I am having this problem. I spent an hour waiting for help from tech support, it seemed to help to clear the cache, and then the problem started again.


I am still having this issue on both my macbook and ipad. I did the "solution." I am unsure what to do next. I am on hold with tech support.


Hi there, I posted this update on Monday (8/17). It might be buried in the replies of this post though. 

Update (8/17): The bug fix deployed to Canvas production resolved the majority of issues for images not displaying in Safari. In some cases, images are still not appearing in Canvas and our Canvas engineers are aware of these cases and are working on a solution. gulick_24, (thank you for sharing) in this thread, has provided solutions for this issue as a work-around until a bug fix is deployed into production. Additionally, if these work-around solutions do not solve the experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Images are being displayed in those browsers.



Since this is an ongoing issue, despite the 8/13 or 8/17 deploy, should the problem specifically be detailed on the recommended browsers page and Safari removed from the recommended browsers until it's actually fixed? While there is already a note about Safari with downloads and chat on the recommended browsers page, with the cross-tracking solution (which is not actually a solution/does not work) and the issues are likely connected, the casual user would not know this.

Additionally, is there a way to unflag this post as solved, since it isn't?