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Uploaded images no longer function in Safari

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Uploading and embedding images in Canvas during last academic term worked fine...

[Addendum: Following suggestion from browser guide, I tried using in a Safari "private window." That workaround revealed the images. I've cleared cache and history, and the problem in a normal window remains.]

Now, the images I had uploaded into the course images folder no longer appear--in the desktop Safari environment (ver. 13.1). They are working on the Canvas iPhone app and in desktop Firefox (ver. 74) browser. This is true for courses successfully run last term AND courses I'm creating for the term that starts next week.

I have cleared desktop Safari's history and cache. Here's what I'm seeing"

• Course home page banner:

coure home page image

• Embed images window showing the icon. Note the images that came in with the template import are fine. They also embed just fine if I choose to use those instead. It's just the images I uploaded into the Canvas course that are unavailable--though they USED to be.

embed images window

• And here's what it looks like when I go to the Files course images folder. The two images with blank thumbnails are images I uploaded. Again, this is true for course I created last quarter AND for this coming quarter.

course images folder

Any guidance on this will be helpful as I create content and assessment for music that are image intensive!

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Hi this looks to be working today has it been resolved? 


Seeing the problem still today -- I guess I should just make sure to tell our faculty to use Chrome but how is it 2020 and we have a browser compatibility issue like this? 

...and how comes that we don't get any information or update from Instructure in this matter?

Sorry to say that just today my colleague reported a student was not seeing some images (just a generic icon indicating a graphic) and the student is using...Chrome.

I have never seen anything like this. I am very concerned for the state of Instructure and Canvas. This will begin to affect Google Chrome next month. Hopefully the 100+ people at Instructure that recently lost their jobs were not the ones working on this.

This is what happens when private equity companies insert themselves into tech. Ruin it every. stinkin. time.

Either they are not testing beta releases of browsers, or the testers raising it are being ignored by leadership. Literally millions of people are being affected by this months-long Canvas bug, and we can't even get a one sentence update. I fear for Quality Assurance under Instructure's new private equity owners.


This only affects me when using Canvas, nothing else. When the web developer suggests you use another browser, this is when you know that the web developer is the problem. Compatibility is not the user's responsibility. Fix your application.


In addition to the images not showing problem, I am now noticing students getting "stalls" when opening pages for assessments (e.g., quizzes) while in Chrome.

Lately, Canvas has been a hot mess.

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Thank you for this - very helpful. Hopefully the Canvas Team will be able to fix so we can turn cross tracking protection on again.