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Uploading image to Canvas Announcement

I must be going crazy, because I could do this before today--simply click the picture icon, select the image I want, and upload to the announcement (I use my Bitmoji classroom for the daily agenda).

Just a few hours ago, something changed so that I have to first upload the image to my Canvas files and then pull it from there, which is incredibly inconvenient.

Is there any way to go back to being able to upload an image directly to Canvas announcements from your computer?

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In the right side menu when you are creating an announcement, you will see options for links, files, and images.  Choose images.  At the top of the list of your existing images, you will see "+upload a new image." Click that link to browse your files for the image to upload.  After you select your image, you will see an opportunity to add alt text for screen readers and copyright information.  Below that there is an upload button that simultaneously adds the image to your files and displays it within your announcement.

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