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Explorer III

Usability/UX Group Interest?

Would anyone else be interested in joining a new group about usability (aka UX aka User Experience) in course, page and lesson design?

I'm not sure "usability" is the best term, but we could discuss that, too. What it's about is how to make it easier for all students to read, interact, find information, etc. in everything we design. 

For example, I've been following the Nielsen Norman Group for over a decade. I believe there is a lot of useful information in one of their recent articles that applies to *everyone*. Text layout with images seems simple until you read what they've discovered in their recent studies about how people see/read online.

Zigzag Image–Text Layouts Make Scanning Less Efficient

"Users optimize scanning patterns to the task at hand and spend the minimum effort (i.e., fixations) to achieve their goals.  As soon as people have determined that images aren't valuable for their task, they will start avoiding them. (This scanning pattern where the eyes go around unhelpful images is called “images as obstacle course,” because users must work around the pictures to get to the meaningful text on the page.)"

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @karen_bowden , I'm not sure how much I could add to a group like this, but I certainly would be interested in at least following along and gleaning what I can about design considerations! 

Explorer III

Maybe it should be titled User Experience (UX) instead of Usability?

Usability did make me first think of accessibility, even though that wasn't the intent.  Could just be me too!