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Using Bootstrap code in Canvas Pages

Hello all,

In doing some rummaging around online, I found a few institutions that share Canvas Modules and pages regarding the use of Bootstrap to design Canvas Pages, both for standard desktop/laptop use as well as mobile platforms for phones and tablets. The Bootstrap code appears to add some useful features that help communicate information in a visually simple, yet attractive format.

Question: Are there any guides or other resources that I can review to help redesign Canvas Pages to utilize Bootsrap (or even basic CSS) so that my course content is more engaging while still meeting accessibility guidelines?

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I have this same question.  So far I've been working through the w3schools documentation and just trying things out.  Most of the Bootstrap 4 Button features work so far.  I just started this evening but will be compiling something like that for our own reference I suspect.

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From what I can tell you can upload your custom CSS to Canvas as an administrator. So theoretically you can use Bootstrap, W3, or your custom CSS to draw from. This is what I am looking to do.

What I want to know is if anyone has used the standard Bootstrap or W3 and were there any conflicts I need to look out for?