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Using general APK, not the App Bundle in Play Store

Dear Canvas team:

I was wondering if the team could upload or provide the general APK version for Canvas Student in the Play Store, not the App Bundled version?


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Community Coach
Community Coach


Thanks for the post. Just curious, what is your reason for requesting the APK? I'm not sure how to request this APK, but it's possible this could be made through Canvas support or a Canvas CSM if you have direct access to one. 


Great question! I'd like to suggest the Canvas team deliver the APK directly to considering the Android devices that didn't have the Play Store. I've tried to get the Canvas Student APK file from the APK hosting site like apkmirror. It can't be run correctly since the Canvas Student app is delivered using the Android App Bundle format (from the technical perspective).

This is the reason why I'd like to feedback this, would like to push the Canvas team to see if they could deliver with the general APK, not the App Bundle one.