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Using the External URL

I am working with teachers who are building a Google Doc that they want their students to view often.  For example, a routine table with images and step by step directions to follow.  I have been directing the teachers to create their doc, open the url to all in our domain, then adding it to their module as an external url.  At the point, the doc is embedded but here is the issue.  Also embedded is the top tool bar, the google "share" button, and just that top nonsense that is unnecessary for the students to see.  Is there a better path or a solution to embed without seeing the unnecessary "stuff"?

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Community Team, instead of having your teachers add the document to a module via an external URL, try having them embed the published Google Doc in a Canvas content page. This will create a beautiful clean page that for all intents and purposes looks exactly like a Canvas page--but has the advantage of being remotely editable so that the changes will populate pages across multiple places.

You'll find lots of guidance about how to use Google Docs in Canvas pages in this blog from the Instructional Designers group (and if you're not already a member of that group, joining is just a click away): Using Google Docs for dynamic Canvas content

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