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Using the Home Page to Navigate instead of Menu

I have a Home Page with links to a Start Here page, Modules, Grades, and Syllabus. 

I tried to hide the Modules and Syllabus from the Navigation menu so that the students would just navigate to those places from the Home Page, but when I hide them, the links on the Home Page no longer work when I'm in Student View. Is there any way I can get them to work without having the superfluous buttons in the left menu showing?

Home Page with working links

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No, most navigation items must be enabled in the course navigation menu if you want to link to them. Only Discussions and Grades are available for linking when not enabled.

This lesson from the Canvas Instructor Guide explains: How do I manage Course Navigation links? 

Disabling a course navigation link creates the following redirects:

  • Hidden only (cannot be disabled but still accessible via direct URL): Discussions and Grades
  • Page disabled; redirected to Home page: Announcements, Assignments, Conferences, Collaborations, Files, Modules, Outcomes, Quizzes, Pages, People, Syllabus
  • Page disabled; won't appear in navigation: Any LTI links, such as Attendance, Chat, and SCORM
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