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Using the Zoom LTI Pro in Canvas - Security and Authentication

Hi, I have some questions about the security involved in using the ZOOM LTI Pro in Canvas.  If students were to share the Id and password with another student would they be able
to join? Also, if they invite someone on the participants panel would they
be able to join then? I just want to make sure that only those students who are in the course  can join the meeting and not others who are outside of the course.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

My understanding is that the meeting ID and password could still be shared to someone outside of the course and they would be able to join.  About the only way to have complete control over who can join a Zoom meeting would be to require registration and set it so that you have to approve each registrant.  I've never actually tried doing that from within the Zoom/Canvas integration but it seems like it would work.



But there's also the option of them signing in with their Google account to the domain.  Would that play a factor too?

Yes, that would help, but usually the option to only allow authenticated users just means they need to have a zoom account.  It doesn't mean they have to be on that course roster.  So a student I think could still share the link with someone else at your school, or maybe even anyone with a zoom account.  In this case you would have a record in the logs though about who it was.


Rick - I happened to see this.  Can you please tell me what this does exactly?



I'm sorry, that is getting beyond me.  I use the Zoom integration but don't have access to the back end set up so I've never seen that screen and can't really advise on it.


I just saw this post after answering the other.  I'm really not sure.  We use SAML as our SSO so I'm not familiar with how google authentication works with Zoom.



Thanks, @rmurchshafer !  I appreciate your efforts.

I am wondering if @chofer by any chance has anything to add to this.  

Community Coach
Community Coach

@rpsimon ...

I've never seen that screen...sorry that I won't be able to provide any help with your question.  ☹️