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VidGrid Thumbnails


Our campus is implementing VidGrid and we're very impressed with its performance, especially with its automated captioning.

One thing instructors have asked regards embedding VidGrid videos in Canvas. When using the "VidGrid Embed" tool in the Rich Content Editor or pasting in an embed code from the VidGrid site, the video appears in Canvas in a static height and width.

With YouTube, Canvas has some elaborate scripting in place so that this simple HTML line...

<a href="">Watch lecture</a>

results in a small thumbnail showing in the page, assignment, discussion, etc. which, when clicked, expands an iframe of a larger size where the video is played. A hyperlink is offered to "Minimize Video" as well.

I'm looking for a way to achieve the same experience with a VidGrid video.

Any ideas?

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Hi Michael!  No way of accomplishing that to my knowledge, sorry 😕   You could do it on a non-canvas webpage with some javascript, but canvas most likely forbids scripting like that. 

The closest I can offer would be making the VidGrid video small, then making sure the students see the fullscreen button.