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Video Feedback on Assignment

I'm an English professor who has recently discovered the joy of leaving video feedback for students on their essay assignments. It's a great way of taking the edge off of comments that might otherwise seem sharp when they arrive in written form. In these early days of my use of this approach, a few questions/issues have arisen :

1) After I have recorded the video, a text box appears that prompts me to name it as a file and then save it. Where does it save to? I cannot for the life of me find the recordings anywhere else but on the assignment page for the student for whom it was intended. This is also curious because the video will save and post regardless of whether or not I name it.

2) (This is a question for programmers/designers) At present, once recording has begun, it is no longer possible to scroll through the assignment. Because I'm commenting on multi-page essays, it would be really helpful to have both capabilities on the same page: to record and to have full access to the assignment upon which I'm commenting. Is there any chance that that change could be made?

3) I've noticed a weird bug: I record feedback for Student A. While the video is still processing, I proceed to Student B's essay. While I'm reading Student B's essay, the video feedback for Student A uploads to Student B's assignment page. This is especially frustrating for three reasons:

  • There is no way to redirect that video feedback to Student A's page and, as a result...
  • That video needs to be deleted and time must then be given over to a retake of Student A's feedback.
  • This slows down the grading process, as I've learned through trial and error to wait many minutes before moving on to grade the next student's work.

I have developed an inelegant work-around, which is to have two tabs open for the same assignment and to toggle between them in order to keep moving forward. Preventing this from happening in the first place would be far more preferable.

Thank you for taking these matters into consideration. I appreciate it.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Great feedback.  I can really only address one of the questions you have though and that has to do with the naming.  At the moment the naming is not import as the videos files don't go anywhere where you can access them again. But, this is changing with an update on November 21st.  Here are the release notes

It's not clear to me exactly what is going to happen with video recorded in Speedgrader; I don't see it specifically addressed so perhaps it will remain as is and naming will still have no affect.  But, you might find that these video files now end up saving into the Course Files area, or your personal files are in Canvas and if so then naming them might have a benefit.  I wish I knew for sure but I don't think we'll really know until the update is applied.

Your other comments are all great points and I don't have real answers.  I'm glad you found some work arounds though.