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Video Integration

What video platforms integrate well with canvas besides you tube? I am working with some higher ed teachers and I am looking to help them as much as I can because I come from a k-12 setting.

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Technically speaking, you can embed just about anything into a page using an iframe. I think I remember checking for a Vimeo button for the Rich Content Editor and coming up short.

More information on doing that can be found here: Video links shown in iframe

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Actually, we DO have a Vimeo tool as part of the "More External Content" button on the rich content editor, though I admit I have never tried it.  The campus admin can set up which of those external tools can appear...and where.  In the Admin login, it's set via SETTINGS>>APPS tab, and then clicking the View Apps Configuration button.  Once the LTI is enabled by the admin, depending on the app it can be placed within the rich content editor, if so desired.

Since Vimeo is free and requires no special setup it's also super easy for individual instructors to enable vimeo in their courses (if their admin doesn't want to enable it at the top level for whatever reason.) 🙂


There is a vimeo LTI that can be installed easily but as  @MattHanes ​ mentioned, pretty much any iframe embedded content will work. There are also pay video services like Mediasite but if you're looking for a free option youtube and vimeo can't really be beat.

Geez, I know I looked for a Vimeo LTI...I don't know how I missed it.

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The Khan Academy app (within Canvas) is also an easy way to embed videos, except that there is no search feature that I could find. I had to find the video I wanted on the Khan site and then follow the bread crumb trail within Canvas to get the correct video.

Also, does anyone know how to use the Khan (math) practice problems within Canvas? That's the feature I really want!

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I find embedding a Vimeo file into a page is better than linking to it from a module.  You have more control over the size, but it is very easy to use.