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Video posts in Discussions don't load in the mobile app

Hi there,

When I post a video clip in Discussions from the mobile app, the app doesn't render the post (the Discussion keeps loading and nothing shows up). But in fact the video post can be found in the browser view. The other problem is that if there's a video post in the Discussion, all the other posts (even text posts) in the same discussion can't be rendered too.

I am on iOS device and have reproduced this issue with an iPhone, two different iPads. Not sure if it has anything to do with my account type? I'm on a FTA.



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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,​, I am sorry to see that this question has been sitting here without a response for all this time! I'm going to share it with the Canvas Mobile Users​ group to see if they can shed some light on it. If you're not yet a member of that group, you can join by clicking on the group link, then on the Actions menu at the upper right of the screen; click on Join Group to become a member.


Hi Stefanie, yes, this issue is still unresolved. I have also submitted a ticket in the app but the bug has not been fixed in the latest release.