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What is the best app for uploading a video of the instructor talking with the students?  

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Hi 10290926@uvu.edu‌,

If you've already recorded a video, you can upload the file to your course and embed it in a Canvas page (Guide:How do I upload a video using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?)

If your institution has purchased it, Canvas Studio is another great option for creating, managing, and sharing course videos. If you don't have Studio, Screencast-o-matic has an LTI that you can use to create and share screen recordings in Canvas.

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Hi 10290926@uvu.edu 

The "best" app is a highly subjective topic. Our state system of CTCs uses Panopto for lecture capture. I like it, our faculty like it, but have no idea if it is the "best".

I found this useful gem for those who are new: How to choose a Lecture Capture Solution. And this one goes much deeper: The Complete Guide to Lecture Capture.

Finally, this site compare the top 26 lecture capture tools: Lecture Capture Systems Solutions

Other system I have used and found to be good...........

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