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Videos not working in Canvas inside a prison environment

Help to all Canvas users!

We are operating several courses in Canvas inside the Philadelphia county prison system. We have worked with the IT department there to get all of the proper links whitelisted, and enable the images, links, and file downloads.

However, we cannot seem to get the videos working. So far we have tried:

-whitelisting the link supplied by Canvas:

-downloading all of the videos from their web-based location (mostly youtube), and uploading directly into Canvas. Below is the HTML code on one of the pages where the video was uploaded to Canvas

<p><a id="media_comment_m-4LriHvwncZuvCUY4Y9yRcnoh52UknG53" class="instructure_inline_media_comment video_comment" data-media_comment_type="video"></a><br /> </p>

The prison environment is very restrictive, but I can't understand why the images and file downloads are available, and not the videos.

Thanks Canvas Community.


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Adventurer III

I asked our CSM for a Canvas whitelist and they were able to provide a lengthy list of domains and IPs to whitelist in our highly restrictive testing environment.

Thanks Matt. We did get the list of domains from our CSM including one for the videos that I shared above, and things are still not working!

Hi Jen,

You mentioned that the IT folks have "taken all of Canvas down temporarily."  Are you working with a locally installed open source version of Canvas or do you have clouded hosted core Canvas?

Hi Scott,

Canvas inside the prison is cloud-based. So when I say 'taken down,' I mean that they probably removed the instructure url from the whitelist. Do you think it would help to run a local version instead?

Hello Again,

If you can restore access to core cloud hosted Canvas, that will be your best outcome.  Some people do download the code base and spin up a local instance, especially when they are in a closed environment such as a prison but it is from what I have heard this is not an easy thing to get up and running and when you do get everything set up and running correctly you won't have access to several really helpful tools that are integrated into cloud Canvas, including video of I'm not mistaken.

Adventurer II

Downloading from YouTube seems pretty much taboo per the terms of service.  Pointing that out in case you were unaware.

Terms of Service - YouTube


5. Your Use of Content

In addition to the general restrictions above, the following restrictions and conditions apply specifically to your use of Content.

  1. The Content on the Service, and the trademarks, service marks and logos ("Marks") on the Service, are owned by or licensed to YouTube, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the law.
  2. Content is provided to you AS IS. You may access Content for your information and personal use solely as intended through the provided functionality of the Service and as permitted under these Terms of Service. You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content. You shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of YouTube or the respective licensors of the Content. YouTube and its licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the Service and the Content.

Jennifer Kobrin As Jeff Ferner mentioned Youtube doesn't want you to download their videos but did you download the youtube video and then upload the video file to the Course Files? That would remove any need of the internet (to run the video from youtube) to run the video (would need internet to access the files on Canvas). Once they are in the Course Files you can place them on pages and into assignment instructions.

Have you thought about looking at and using EDpuzzle ? Our school blocks Youtube for our students but if we use Edpuzzle it allows them to view the video and it keeps them on only that video. Plus you can put in questions in the video that the student needs to answer before the video will continue to play and you can also get feedback of how they answered (this information doesn't feed into the gradebook).

I have a couple more ideas!

1.  Have you tried SchoolTube,YouTube EDU​, SaveShare.TV, or Clean Video Search?

2.  Make some of your own videos by recording screencasts. I know that will require extra time, but your custom videos can be saved to files and embedded without worrying about terms of use. I completely understand that sometimes screencasts don't share or communicate everything you need them to. Videos are wonderful resources, but depending on the function, a screencast could be an option.

I've used EdPuzzle with my students. It's awesome!

Let us know what does and does not work with your network so we can help find more options (if need be!).