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Videos will not play on mobile device- "Unauthorized domain" error

I have been unable to watch videos in the canvas mobile app for the past several months. When I click a video I get an error that says "Unauthorized domain: We're sorry this content is only available on certain domains".  The videos work fine when I am on the canvas desktop version. I had been using my phone to log into the desktop version as a workaround, but this morning that too is giving me the unauthorized domain error.  I have tried deleting and reinstalling the canvas app on my phone but it didn't help. I contacted my University but they told me this was a technical canvas issue and they couldn't help. 

Please let me know what I need to do to be able to watch videos on the app again.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


How are the videos being linked? Are they embedded into the course or linked from another website? If linked from another website, be sure the link is using HTTPS and not HTTP. 

Also, I'm not sure this will fix the issue but turn on the Allow Cross-Site Tracking in settings for the Canvas Student app. Go to iOS Settings (no settings in the app) and choose the Canvas student app.  Enabled the option to Allow Cross-Website Tracking. 

Let me know what you find out. Thanks.