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View Only Permissions? Student Access after Course Conclusion

Hello Community,

I tried to find a similar question but don't think I could dig one up. Is there a way for a student to only have "View Only" permissions to a course after its finished? Our institution does not want students accessing previous courses because we don't want them to be able to access the Vitalbooks or resources, but wouldn't mind them being able to see grades, etc, if it meant they couldn't access resources.

Anyone know of a way to do this? OR, is there a way to just lock a section of a course after the course end?

We have the "Restrict students from accessing courses after end date" function clicked on on the settings of our main account due to the student access issue, so if there is a work around for this, we can turn that off. Smiley Happy

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Totally in the same boat as you. We want our students to have view-only access for a brief period of time after the course closes, so that they can compare their grades they received in the current term to the grades entered in our SIS (usually up to about a week after the term closes).

I thought that the term settings may allow this type of interaction, because you can set a separate access date for teachers, students, and TAs - different from the actual term end date; however, after testing it, students continue to have full access to the courses in that term up until the date entered for them. I do wish those role-based access dates in the term settings could be modified to only allow view-only access for a set period of time after the term ends... One of us will have to put in a new feature request and cross our fingers.

Totally! View only access would be a great tool to see here. The Canvas Permissions and Granularity Feature Ideas  feed that is already up is useful, but I can't find anything about this specific permission that is in here either. I think a Feature Request may be in order. I'm happy to pull this one together. Thanks for the feedback, Jason!



Interesting situation.  The work around I might suggest would require teachers to unpublish the modules in a concluded course  Then the students can see grades and submitted work but not the resources on the content pages.  I am interested to see other suggestions by some of our Canvas Ambassadors and Canvas Employees to see if there is a better way.

That's a great work around, Janie!

I would love to say that's an option for our institution, but our terms run on a month to month basis, so when 1 instructor is teaching 3 courses with up to 75 students each, its nearly impossible for then to have extra responsibilities on top of what they're already accomplishing, its pretty impossible. The Dean of our school has steered away from trying to enforce specific things like this on our instructors, rather doing as much as possible in our master shells so once we do course copy, the work is done. If we had a button to click on or off under master account settings such as "Make view Only after course Conclusion" it would be super helpful.


The Feature has been created here. Smiley Happy

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Deactivated user​...

I noticed there hasn't been any activity in this thread since mid-September.  Since you've now created a Feature Idea for this, I'm going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered".  People will still be able to add comments/questions to this topic, however.  I hope this is okay with you.  Thanks Roxanne!

Totally! Thanks, Chris!