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Viewing insights in studio videos.

Do "allow comments" need to be toggled on to be able to view insights in studio videos?

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Hi,  @ahenschel . I'll admit I haven't used Studio personally recently, but I tried to see what I could find out for you. One of my friends is a documentation specialist and she pointed me to this part of this lesson, How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a course?

When embedding media in Canvas, comments are enabled by default, but you can choose to disable comments. Regardless of comments, embedded media views are always included in analytics.

So, I think if the studio video is embedded into Canvas, you should still be able to see the views. Hope this helps!

Thank you Adam Williams.  I figured out how to view the insights when you do not select to "allow comments."  You will need to go to your main studio page, find the video and then where it says "my uploads", select the drop-down box and select the course for which you wish to view the insights.  Perhaps this could be clarified in the Canvas Studio User Guide.