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Viewing student grades for all courses

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Is there a way for a teacher, admin, or guidance counselor to click on a student and view their overall grades for all courses they are enrolled in? Similar to the "View Grades" button on the Dashboard page that students use to view all of their course grades.

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Hi,  @Marisa_Rickel ‌ -- Yes, our Dropout Detective analytics does allow K-12 schools to grant access to teachers, guidance counselors, sports coaches and others to see all grades / all classes of each student that is assigned to them or in their class.  We have videos on our‌ web site and some great K-12 references from people like  @nick_sun ‌ !

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Hi  @Marisa_Rickel ‌ - An admin can do this, as in Canvas administrator (not school administrator . . . unless they are also the Canvas admin!).  There are a few ways to do this, the easiest of which through the GUI interface on their end is by running a Grade Report, as covered here: How do I view reports for an account?   This will only limit by term, however, and for ALL students, not by a specific student.  For that, there is likely an API that the administrator can run if they know how.

You may want to take a peek and vote up this Feature Idea: .  Also, read the comments underneath; that may give you and/or your institution of some other possible paths to pursue with this question.

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 @Marisa_Rickel , as soon as I read your question my first thought was, I've already got that button! 😉


I forgot that it wasn't a core part of Canvas, but instead a Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements by  @James ‌.

If you'd like your very own magic button (or to let others at your school have theirs) then I'd recommend checking out this discussion - Accessing all student grades... and then this site (to actually download and use it) - canvancement/grades/all-grades at master. Only caveat is that people who use it have to have permission to be able to see the information in the first place. So it doesn't override permissions, just allows you to access the information quickly and easily if you already have the correct permissions.

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And as a side note, not sure if you're in the market for a more all around fix to this, but Dropout Detective by‌ will do this and is AMAZING in the additional information it provides as well (this is for teachers, advisers, coaches, admins, etc).

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Thanks,  @kona ‌!  I obviously completely forgot about that one. I have no idea how on Earth you could have remembered it!Smiley Happy

That page is built-into Canvas. All I did was take the information  @clong  provided and the script that  @codom ‌ created and pulled it together with some tweaks to make it easier to use.  Kona linked to the Canvancement site, but here are the direct install links to the All Grades script and the companion Name Grades script that will add the student's name to the All Grades page. They run on different pages and some people may not want the name visible for privacy reasons, so I left them as two different user scripts.

As others have said, you have to have the permissions within Canvas to do this, which is controlled by the local Canvas Admin. The scripts don't provide information that isn't already there, they just make it easier to get to it.

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Community Coach

Honestly there are a few Canvancements I forget aren't standard in Canvas. I can't count the times I'll be demo'ing something for a faculty member or checking something for someone in the Community and realize that everyone doesn't have the cool [Insert one of the many amazing Canvancments] that I'm already using! 🙂

Thank you for this! I am trying to use it and I have the button, but it take me to a screen that says "unauthorized". Now you mention something about permissions. What permissions does a teacher need to have to view it? I am technically a TA in all of their other courses they are enrolled in.

I'm not positive on this, but the documentation looks like you need to have the "View all grades" permission. See page 29 of the Canvas Account Role Permissions document or page 17 of the Canvas Course Role Permissions document.

By default it is given only to Account Admins at the account level and TAs and Teachers at the course level. Even though you're a TA, they may have locked down that permission. Finally, since the "Show all grades" page is at the account level and not within a course, being a TA for a course -- even if it's for all of the courses -- probably wouldn't be sufficient. It's looking for an account role permission at that point since it's not within a course and so it doesn't know that you're a TA for all of the courses. If that's the case, there would need to be an account role created that had that permission.

By the way, you can test it out without the script. Just find the Canvas ID of a user and add users/#####/grades to the location of your main Canvas site. If that doesn't work, the script won't work either.

The difference between the user's profile and the user's grades is just that extra /grades at the end. Here's a dummy account we use:



Notice the name change -- it's got my name the on the grades page -- that's what the second script I wrote changes. This is what it looks like without it running.