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Viewing student grades for all courses

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Is there a way for a teacher, admin, or guidance counselor to click on a student and view their overall grades for all courses they are enrolled in? Similar to the "View Grades" button on the Dashboard page that students use to view all of their course grades.

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The /grades doesn't work either... am I missing something?

Highlighted,The /grades should work... I just tried it and it worked for me just fine. One thing to watch out for, the URL has to be exactly like this... If you go to their profile page from the admin side of things it will initially look like this You have to take out the /accounts/9773 part and then add the /grades in at the end.


Thank you. That change did work. Kinda annoying but its better than nothing!


I am a top level admin and don't have this button. Did this button disappear or is this something I need to ask them to turn on?

Highlighted, that button isn't built into Canvas. It's a Canvancement (free) that you'll need to install - canvancement/grades/all-grades at master · jamesjonesmath/canvancement · GitHub 


Is this something that would have to be installed by computer? So if I have a guidance councilor who needs to see student grades, would I have to put this on each of their machines?


I think it "could" be installed at the global level, but I'm not an expert on that side of things. That's more of a‌ type question. Otherwise, yes, you would need to install this on the browser of the computer that the person is working on. They would also need to have the right permissions to view this - so a high enough level of permission to see all grades for the students.

Highlighted‌ I am attempting to download the all-grades.users.js file and I'm getting an error that says the site can't be reached, it looks like my firewall might be blocking it. I am trying to work with my IT guy on opening that up for me, but he is out installing things and I don't know when he will be able to get to me. Is there any way I can have that emailed to me? 

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Hi,‌ -- Yes, our Dropout Detective analytics does allow K-12 schools to grant access to teachers, guidance counselors, sports coaches and others to see all grades / all classes of each student that is assigned to them or in their class.  We have videos on our‌ web site and some great K-12 references from people like‌ !

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