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We are a small college in the East Midlands (UK) and are looking at broadcasting lessons either using big blue button or a more suitable piece of software.  Could anyone recommend any outside organisation who could suggest hardware/software (If big blue button not suitable).

Also if any one is currently delivering virtual classrooms then any help/guidance would be greatly appriciated

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Hello Paul

I've been involved with a virtual classroom type setup at my University.

We went quite big on it and bought a hefty amount of AV equipment to support us.  Depending on your budget you could go big, but realistically whatever makes the faculty member and students most comfortable is generally the best option.

The software we use could be any conferencing software, but we've concentrated on Cisco Webex and Zoom. 

The one option that suits the teacher is having some sort of whiteboard available digitally.  We used a Whiteboard TV to help with this, however we also have in our lecture rooms a product call https://kaptivo.com/ .  This will take a standard whiteboard and digitise it, you can then share this via the webinar.

We're still learning with what works best and what doesn't work.

I'd be more than happy to answer any more questions you might have?




Many thanks for the reply Stuart, very helpful. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your response, not been in college for a while.  

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